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Fremont High School Community Council Meeting Minutes

May 6, 2019

3:00-4:00 PM

FHS Office Conference Room



Kim Hatch

Shelley Craig

Paul Widdison- Guest

Tracy Stokes

Kori Ann Edwards

Cody Storey

Lacy Richards

Chad Marriot

Lori Hickman


  1. Welcome                                                 Kori Ann Edwards
  2. Weber School District Updates Paul Widdison
    1. New legislation- $200,000 for WSD in addition to trust lands
      1. i. Must create goals and action plan for money use
    2. Growth discussion- possible need to move bond up a few years
  3. School LAND Trust Program Update           Michele Parry
    1. 2018-2019 Update
      1. i. Tech money still available- possible uses replace projectors
      2. ii. Textbook money still available- teacher requests are in
    2. 2019-2020 Plan Review / Acceptance Feedback
  4. Discussion of 2019-2020 Council Members Council
    1. Letter will be sent with registration packet for community volunteers

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