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Fremont High School Community Council Minutes

November 28, 2018

3:00- 4:00 PM

FHS Office Conference Room



  • Tami Meacham
  • Chad Marriot
  • Angie Walker
  • Jill Sexton
  • Lacy Richards
  • Tracy Stokes
  • Michele Parry


Agenda Items:

Digital Citizenship Plan Presentation              Lynn Raymond

  • Fremont going 1-1 with Chromebooks in January
    • Filtering systems work at home and school
    • WSD largest google district
    • Chromebook Management
      • Positive Parent feedback for most part
      • Issue- screen time
        • Understanding different types of screen time is key
      • Can’t bypass/hack system because Chromebooks are internet based
    • WSD homepage has 1-1 info available
      • Link and info will be shared on monthly newsletter

School LAND Trust Program Update              Michelle Parry

  • Review of Goals
    • Goals are in line with needs of school and students
  • Budget Balances
    • Carryover is different because of Chromebooks purchased at the end of last year instead of this year

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