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Fremont High School Community Council Meeting

May 3, 2018

3:00-4:00 PM

Office Conference Room

  1. Welcome                    Kori Ann Edwards Called Meeting to Order at 3:05pm

Members Present: Kori Ann Edwards, Shelly Bush, Michele Parry, Shelley Craig, Colette Laub, Mesia Murphy, Patrick Andrus, Chad Marriott, Lisa Dalebout, Andrea Jones, Tracy Stokes, Cody Storey

Members Absent: William Hagon, Dianna Hunt, Angie Walker, Larry Hadley, Kim Hatch

  1. Review/Approve March 2018 Minutes Andrea Jones
    1. Minutes were approved.
  2. 2018-19 School LAND Trust Plan Status Michele Parry             
    1. The district has approved our plan. Everyone went through and signed the plan online.
  1. 2017-18 School LAND Trust Program Updates           Michele Parry
    1. Budget Review – Discussed the purchase of the Google Chromebook carts
    2. Program Goals 1, 2, 3; We will have some additional carry over left for next year that we will use to meet the goals we have set.
  1. Community Council Membership Kori Ann Edwards
    1. Andrea Jones and Patrick Andrus (teachers will need to be replaced for next year)
    2. There will be a few parent representative positions will also be open. This will be announced at the beginning of next school year for parents to express interest and if needed an election will be held.
  2. Other Items of Business                              Council
  3. Close Meeting Meeting Adjourned at 3:25pm

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