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Fremont High School Community Council Meeting

Minutes: Download PDF

February 10, 2020

3:00-4:00 PM

Office Conference Room

  • Welcome                              Chad

Board Members in Attendance: Chad Marriott, Michele Parry, Rebecca Becker,

Nicole Cypers, Charity Davis, Jeremy Evans, Christy Koford, Lacy Richards, Angie Walker,

Kim Hatch, Tami Meacham

Board Members Excused: Andrea Bell, Sharon Bolos, Ashlee Harris, Lisa Dalebout, Tracy Stokes, Cody Storey

  • Review November 2019 Minutes Michele Parry
  • School LAND Trust Program Updates           Michele Parry

Minutes were approved and seconded

  • Budget Review

The budget was reviewed and a handout was given to each member showing what has been spent so far. $244,232 was given to the school this year. As of February 10, 2020, $172,064 has been spent and $74, 136 remains. Of that $74,136, $63,430 is encumbered for salaries.

  • Program Goals 1, 2, 3

Each member received a copy of the Trust Lands plan for review of the goals.

  • Council Training, Digital Safety Lynn Raymond

Lynn Raymond, Director of Technology, explained the digital safety features the district has in place for all students and staff. He also explained Bark, a parental and administrator control monitoring app the district is using for student safety.

  • Other Items of Business Council
  • Next meeting March 4, 2020
  • Close Meeting

Other Dates / Activities of Interest:

February 19th Parent Teacher Conferences

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