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Fremont High School Community Council Meeting Minutes 

March 1, 2021; 3:00-4:00 PM 


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1. Welcome Andrea Bell 

Board Members: Andrea Bell, Chad Marriott, Michele Parry, Ashlee Harris, Tracy Stokes, Lacy Richards, Angie Walker, Christy Koford, Rebecca Becker, Sharon Bolos

Presenter- Nick Harris

Absent: Nicole Cypers, Charity Davis, Jeremy Evans, Lisa Dalebout, Tami Meacham, Cody Storey 

2. Review January 13, 2021 Minutes Tracy Stokes 

Approval vote: Lacy Richards, 2nd- Chad Marriot

3. Council Training Digital Safety Nick Harris

  •  Safe Technology Utilization
    • Web Filtering- 
      • IBoss systems, every computer/chromebook has them
      • Provided by UEN
      • Redundant system- never without filtering
      • Levels of Filtering
        • 6 groups based on curriculum needs
        • Social Media/Youtube
          • Safesearch enabled
          • Facebook blocked, Twitter is not because of school announcements
          • Pinterest- blocked for students, not teachers
          • LinkedIn- used by seniors in classes
    • CIPA-
      • Fully compliant
        • Filtering
        • Train students
        • Using Bark- crawls through google to help protect students
          • Looks for keywords to alert parents and administrators
      • Screen time-
        • Key is “what type of screen time?”, learning and creating vs consuming
      • Digital Citizenship Curriculum-
        • Nearpod lessons being rolled out soon
        • Be Internet Awesome- digital safety games for kids

4. 2020-21 School LAND Trust Program Updates Michele Parry 

a. Budget Review

  • Salaries all encumbered- don’t anticipate using it all
  • Replacing projectors with TV’s 
  • Transportation-$8000 budgeted less than $1000 used
  • Textbooks- $2000 left
  • Instructional needs- microphones, webcams 
    • Overbudget, pulled from other accounts
  • Equipment- Chromebook leases, replacements and cords
  • Spending within 10% limit  

b. Program Goals 


  • Goal #1- Ensure students get timely instruction
    • Allows council to used money in any area
      • Band equipment, science lab equipment
    • Helps struggling kids
  • Goal #2- Improving proficiency in Math II and III
    • No data to compare from last year
  • Need to look at what goals we want for next year
  • Final reports from last year will be available next week

5. 2021-22 School LAND Trust Plan Michele Parry

  • March 26th plans need to be submitted
  • Propose meeting Thursday March 11th
    • Keep similar goal #1
    • Expand goal #2 to look at Math, Science and Language Arts

7. Close Meeting- Motion to adjourn, Ashlee Harris 2nd Rebecca Becker

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