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Fremont High School  

Community Council Meeting 


November 10, 2021 

3:00-4:00 PM 

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1. Welcome Andrea Bell 

Members Present: Andrea Bell, Alicia Mitchell, Rebecca Becker, Colette Erickson, Nicole  Cypers, Charity Davis, Ashlee Harris, Christy Koford, Angie Walker, Tracy Stokes

2. Minutes approved

 3. Counselor Report- 

  • New food pantry, partnership with Bess Realty and Catholic Community Services
  • Student Government and School clubs responsible for collection and organization of pantry
  • Counselors responsible for helping students get supplies

4. 2021-22 TSSA Plan Alicia Mitchell

  • Goal #1- Support struggling students, hiring more advocates, LIA Money, Class buyouts, Licensed Psychologist
  • Goal #2- Teacher collaboration, PD Conferences, Shmoop Licenses, Class Tech

5. 2021-22 ESSER funds Alicia Mitchell

  • Blended Learning
    • Parent Navigation of Canvas
    • New tech team to help teachers 
    • New software
    • Test proctors
  • Teacher Workshops, speakers 

6. Accreditation- Review Results Alicia Mitchell 

  • Overall excellent report- not final until January
  • Goal- work on long term data collection on programs to prove they are helping

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