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Registration Information: 2021-2022

July 9th: Parents can begin the Online enrollment process. This means parents can read the enrollment documents and digitally sign them.

July 20th: Parents can begin paying for school fees online. Once a parent pays for a fee online then a flag is marked in the student record that fees have been paid. This is true even if a fee is waived.

August 5th: Schedules for secondary students will be displayed in the portal once fees are paid for the student. For example, a parent pays for student fees on August 10th at 8am, then the schedule will display in the portal at 8:30am.
For all students marked as paid before August 5th, an email will be sent out on August 5th indicating that they can view their schedule in the portal. After August 5th the student will receive an email by the end of the day indicating that their schedule is available in the portal.

August 24th: Schedules will display in the portal for ALL students - even those that have not paid fees.

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