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December 21, 2020

Parents and Students,

We received information today that a number of our students have tested positive for Covid-19. Due to this current number of positive case counts, Fremont High School will be in closure for two weeks beginning at 12:30 PM today.

The 14-calendar-day closure begins tomorrow, Tuesday, December 22nd. Teachers will be given this day to prepare for the delivery of one day of online instruction, which will occur on Monday, January 4th. They will prepare for the return to in-person learning from home. The school is scheduled to reopen for in-person learning one day following our return from holiday break- on Tuesday, January 5th. 

Monday, January 4th will be an online learning day. January 4th is an A day. Students should follow the time schedule below for Google Meets with each class period.

Students are asked to check their emails and Canvas prior to January 4th for instructions and messages from teachers.

  • On Monday, January 4th, all students are expected to attend and participate online with their classes during the designated times. This should be done via Google Meet with the teachers. Students can check their Canvas sites for links to the meets and more information. Students should follow the schedule below:

January 4th A Day Online Learning Schedule

1st period:                         8:30am - 9:15am

2nd period:                        9:30am - 10:15am

3rd period:                         10:30am - 11:15am

4th  period:                        11:30am - 12:15pm

  • Be diligent about engaging in your Google meets and completing the assignments. There are only 5 A days and 4 B days until the end of the term after we return from Winter Break. Please use your time away from school to catch up on any work you may still need to complete.
  • Communication is going to be key with your teachers. If there are questions or concerns, ask early, and get help. Teachers are available from 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm on Monday, January 4th for individual online meetings as needed, by appointment. Please reach out to your teacher if you need to schedule an online appointment.
  • Driver’s Ed Road tests will continue as scheduled unless a student is quarantined and can’t participate at this time.  Students are required to wear masks.
  • Parents can order breakfast and lunch for their students through the parent portal for January 4th. These orders must be made by 9:30 AM. These breakfasts and lunches can then be picked up at the Weber Innovations campus at 1007 W. 12th St. between 10:00-10:30 on Monday, January 4th.
  • This is not considered a quarantine for all students in the school. This is a preventative measure to help slow the spread of COVID-19 by reducing the number of people in the school. Any students who have been quarantined to this point by the Weber-Morgan Health Department are still considered quarantined until their release date. If your child is ever exposed at school to someone who has tested positive for COVID, we will contact you directly regarding the quarantine requirements.
  • Students who test positive for Covid-19 during the soft closure should still report this outcome to the school for tracking purposes. Accurate and timely reporting will help us make prudent and safe decisions going forward.  We are still conducting contact tracing and expect to have additional students and staff placed on quarantine.  We also anticipate that we will receive additional positive COVID cases.
  • We will continue to work closely with officials from the Weber Morgan Health Department in monitoring this situation and we will provide updates as needed.
  • Employees and staff will NOT be able to be in the building on Tuesday, December 22nd due to the fact that 20+ classroom areas are impacted by positive cases today. All identified "outbreak" classrooms/spaces will be sanitized. 
  • While this soft closure was impacted by the Covid testing processes conducted today, which involved student-athletes and some extracurricular participants, it is important to note that Fremont High’s positivity rate in relation to the first two rounds of Covid testing is still far below Utah's overall positivity rate, which is currently above 25%. However, Fremont High’s positive case count has been hovering around the almost-15 positive case mark for several days. We will continue to strongly encourage our families and students to follow the recommended guidelines set forth by the Weber-Morgan Health Department and in the Public Health Order, especially as we move into an extended holiday break.    
  • Project Lead the Way students will not be allowed to attend classes in-person at Weber Innovation and will engage with their teachers virtually during the duration of the soft closure. Students attending Two Rivers will still be provided busing to and from the school. Breakfast and lunch will be provided to students at the Fremont hub pick-up site, Weber Innovation HS, on January 4th from 10:00-10:30 AM. Parents must pre-order meals via the Parent Portal. 
  • Some UHSAA-sanctioned sports will continue to be up and running during the school closure and non-moratorium period of the holiday break. Coaches/advisors will communicate needed information to their students.

We would like to remind everyone to continue to be vigilant in following current health guidelines by wearing face coverings, practicing good hygiene and physically distancing from others to prevent the spread of COVID-19. We look forward to getting our students back to school.


Michele Parry
Fremont High School

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