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Student Advocates

Visual Art Department

In art, students will learn to think inside the box, to think outside the box, and to CREATE the box.

Social Studies Department

  • We instill respect for difference
  • We construct informed students
  • We cause a spark to carry out social involvement
Bradley Checketts
Bradley Checketts - B225
Kay Guiver
Kay Guiver - B207
Holly Hubner
Holly Hubner - B201
Wendi Jorgensen
Wendi Jorgensen - B211
Heidi Marriott
Heidi Marriott - B216
Makayla McCauley
Makayla McCauley - B202
David Mildon
David Mildon - B223
Jill Schofield
Jill Schofield - B200
Trish Swanson
Trish Swanson - B214
Patricia Thorpe
Patricia Thorpe - B213

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