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Support Staff

Student Advocates

  • Engage in parent/student contact and discuss factors relating to grades and attendance.
  • Offer one-on-one study hall, virtual or in-person, allowing students to receive individualized help on course work.
  • Help with organization and time management.
  • Monitor students' academic level to privide guidance to students to ensure they meet academic, attendnace and behavioral requirements to graduate.
  • Meet together as a team with administration, counselors and advocates to discuss students and interventions that will enhance their level of success.
  • Continual communication with teachers on students' progress with class work.

Visual Art Department

In art, students will learn to think inside the box, to think outside the box, and to CREATE the box.

Social Studies Department

  • We instill respect for difference
  • We construct informed students
  • We cause a spark to carry out social involvement
Sheree Bjerregaard
Sheree Bjerregaard - B122
Kelly Harlan
Kelly Harlan - B119
Haylee Hoch
Haylee Hoch - Portable 3
Shannon Iseminger
Shannon Iseminger - B121
Douglas Kap
Douglas Kap - B123
Scott Peery
Scott Peery - Annex 2
Jared Romero
Jared Romero - Portable 4

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