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Math Department

  • Students will build upon knowledge gained in previous courses and from previous processes. (Remember it!)
  • Students will evaluate, analyze, and solve mathematical situation using the language of mathematics. (Solve it!)
  • Students will apply mathematical skills and make meaningful connections to real-life situations. (Use it!) 



Shane Denton
Shane Denton - B130
Heather Hofmann
Heather Hofmann - B105
Jennifer Hubbard
Jennifer Hubbard - B101
Kamarie Merrill
Kamarie Merrill - B106
Colette Remy
Colette Remy - B104
Timothy Shupe
Timothy Shupe - B108
Robert Stoffers
Robert Stoffers - B110
Angela Taylor
Angela Taylor - B102
Erin Thompson
Erin Thompson B-106
Andrea Torres
Andrea Torres - B111

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