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Visual Art Department

In art, students will learn to think inside the box, to think outside the box, and to CREATE the box.

Jon Ballstaedt
Jon Ballstaedt - A106
Marykay Hall
Marykay Hall - A105
Michelle Montierth
Michelle Montierth - A104
Mel Ralph
Mel Ralph - C201

Visual Arts Resources


Visual Art Department Show Entry Policy
The Fremont Art Department hosts and participates in art shows which represent the very best of Fremont’s Students and showcases their artistic talents and abilities. Students wishing to enter art shows and competitions in conjunction with Fremont High School’s Art Department need to be in good standing with the faculty and department. Students work may be excluded or pulled from show eligibility due to moral issues such as theft, cheating, excessive truancy or attendance issues. Students art work needs to be of their own personal design and creation. Only original work, free of copyright, corporate image, or identity infringement will be allowed for entry or participation. If a students work is found to be crossing into questionable territory, or communicating controversial messages which could put Fremont High or the Art Department in a bad light, the work can be subject to disqualification from exhibition. The Art Department and Faculty reserve the right to determine show worthiness on a case by case basis.


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