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Class Changes

Each student schedule at Fremont High School has been built through the cooperative efforts of student, parent(s), and counselor. Because of the high numbers of students in each and every class, we encourage that no schedule changes be made. In the event of an unusual and compelling circumstance, a schedule change may be made through counselor apopintment and administrative approval by filling out a class change application form.

  1. The class change application forms MUST be completed with all required signatures. This process may involve a conference with an administrator, the drop teacher, the student, parents, and a counselor.
  2. Any scheduling errors made by the computer, will be changed without cost being assessed to the student. All other schedule adjustments will cost the student $10.00. No change will be complete until the fee is paid.
  3. If a schedule change is unavoidable, the change will need to be made during designated schedule change days, before school begins or during the first week of the semester.
  4. Teacher-to-teacher switches will not be considered without prior teacher/parent/student interventions.
  5. No changes are made after midterms.

Students are responsible to attend their original class schedule until the class change has taken place with a counselor.

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