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There are times when fund raising becomes an important source of providing for needs over and above that which can be accommodated by regular district sources. However, participation is voluntary. Eligibility for an activity or school grades will not be affected by participation in fund raising. All school fundraisers must be approved by school administration prior to the fundraising event.

All monies raised through school fundraisers (or in the name of the school, event or program), events, or donations become the property of the school and the program for which they were raised or donated.  FUNDS RAISED THROUGH THESE METHODS ARE NOT THE PROPERTY OF INDIVIDUAL STUDENTS AND WILL NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE OR FOR ANY REASON, EVER BE REFUNDED, CASHED OUT OR GIVEN BACK TO INDIVIDUAL STUDENTS.  Students raising more funds that requested by their coach, advisor, or program do so for the benefit of the program and/or the school. Likewise, if a student or parent pays for expenses associated with a particular program (i.e. player packs, team camp costs, etc.) and then LATER raises funds through a school fundraiser, money is not refunded to students or parents to cover previous expenses for which they paid.

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