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Lockers are public property and are issued to students for the storage of school books, school equipment, folders, and coats. Students are responsible to keep their lockers neat and clean, both inside and out. They must not write on, scratch, carve, dent, or in any way deface or mutilate their lockers or anyone else’s locker. Students who violate these regulations may lose locker privileges and will be required to make payment sufficient to cover damages. Any damage not incurred by the occupant must be reported immediately or fines will be assessed to the occupants.

Lockers are subject to periodic locker checks. School officials reserve the right to search any or all lockers at any time. Illegal items found in lockers may be confiscated and students to whom the lockers are assigned may be prosecuted. The school is not responsible for stolen or lost items from lockers. Students should guard their locker combinations carefully. Money or other valuables should never be left in student lockers.

The condition of each locker has been checked and noted. Each locker may be checked periodically. Each occupant will have to check out of the locker assigned at the end of the year where conditions and fines may be assessed.

Lockers are provided for the student’s convenience and come with responsibility for the student to take care of it. School lockers are only provided upon requrest.

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