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Make-up Work

Students are responsible to obtain any make-up work which may be needed. It is the responsibility of the student to approach the teacher and ask for make-up work in advance (f the student knows that he/she is going to be absent) or upon return to the next class meeting time. All make-up work must be done in a timely manner, according to the agreement which is upon the class disclosure statement or agreed upon by both the teacher and student. Make-up work will be given out when:

    • Student has absence marked from the attendance office.
    • Student pre-arranges with the teacher for make-up work.
    • Student is on a green slip, which excuses him/her from class for a school excused absence.
    • Suspension and/or referrals to the district.

Attendance is directly tied to success in school. Students are encouraged to keep up with classwork in order to avoid falling behind and the pressure that
comes with trying to get caught up. Students are encouraged to be in class daily in order to receive timely instruction and assistance from teachers and staff.

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