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Sexual Harassment, Hazing or Assault, Bullying

Fremont High School’s goal is to create an atmosphere of acceptance and safety, therefore, sexual harassment, hazing or assault will not be tolerated at Fremont High School to any degree or form.

Unwanted verbal or physical advances exchanged among students are inappropriate behaviors and are in violation of the Civil Rights Act. Unwelcome sexual gestures or advances can have a negative impact on both sexes. It must be acknowledged that sexual harassment in our schools creates a hostile environment that compromises student’s educational, emotional, and behavioral lives. Sexual harassment shows disrespect for its victims, whether they are male or female. The difference between good-natured, harmless fun and sexual harassment is how it makes the other person feel, no matter what the intent.

In regards to sexual harassment, student hazing or assalt, a student shall not do bodily injury to another student or commit any act that degrades or disgraces any person:

  1. on school grounds during school hours or immediately before or after school hours;
  2. on school grounds during use by a school sponsored group;
  3. off school grounds during at any school sponsored activity, function, or event;
  4. during school provided transportation.

Students in violation of this policy are subjected to disciplinary action that could include immediate suspension, referral to the district office, alternative school placement, referral to the law enforcement agency if circumstances warrant. The student (s) shall not be permitted to continue in attendance unless the problem is satisfactory resolved. See District Policy 5200.

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