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Fremont High School holds dances throughout the year both at and away from Fremont High School.


Entrance fees are required in advance or at the door.

Those paying at the door may be required to pay a higher price than when buying pre-sold tickets. Friday and Saturday dances will begin at 8:00 p.m. and end at 10:00 p.m. Students must have school ID to enter the dance.

Dress Code

Dress for dances (formal, semi-formal, casual) will be determined by the sponsoring group and approved by the administration. Any removal of clothing or
alterations to clothing will not be acceptable or allowed, including in dance pictures. Students who wear inappropriate attire to a dance will NOT be allowed
into the dance, and may have their money refunded. All students, as well as candidates for dance royalty, shall abide by the dress standards of the dance.

Formal and Semi-formal Dance Dress Standards

  • Dress slacks w/ a collared button-up shirt, suit, or tux.
  • Shirt must be buttoned and remain buttoned throughout the dance.
  • Ties must be kept around the neck.
  • Dress Length: Hemline must extend to mid-thigh.
  • Coverage: No bare midriff, or extremely low-cut dresses are allowed.
  • Open-backed dresses can only be open a maximum of ½ way down the back.

Please Note: Students who do not comply with the dance dress code for Fremont High School will have the following options: The student may go home and change their attire to the outlined criteria and be readmitted, or request a refund for their ticket price.

Appropriate Behavior

The school resource officer, administrators, and parent-chaperones will be in attendance at each dance. Attendees are expected to comply with all behavior expectations including, but not limited to, appropriate language, actions, and respectful interactions with students and adults. Students may be not be admitted or may be required to leave the dance for inappropriate dress, moshing, insubordination, fighting, drug/alcohol use, or any other behaviors deemed inappropriate.

Guest Participation

All guests who have been invited to attend a dance by an FHS student will need to complete a “Guest Participation” form a minimum of two (2) days prior to the dance. Guests must have approval from their home school administrator and provide a driver’s license number. The form, signed by administration, will be subject to approval by FHS administration and the school resource officer. Forms turned in late will not be approved. All approved guests must provide picture ID at the door.

It is the responsibility of FHS student who is bringing a visiting student, to inform them about the dress code policy. Junior High students are not allowed. No guest over the age of 19 is allowed to accompany an FHS student. High school-aged guests must have student ID from their home school. Guests not enrolled in high school, must show a driver’s license or valid ID with a birthdate to verify age. Without proper identification and approval, guests will not be allowed to attend.

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