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Assemblies at Fremont High School build unity within our school community and provide an opportunity for students to showcase excellence within our school. Advisors make every effort to ensure that assemblies are well-prepared, highly organized, and positive in nature. Students are encouraged to attend and are not permitted to leave campus during assemblies. The cafeteria is available for students not wishing to attend an assembly.
Student Behavior Expectations:

  1. Students should be respectful to all performers and student government officers who are conducting the assembly. Chanting, booing, inappropriate language, and derogatory comments made to performers will not be tolerated.
  2. Disruptive students may be removed from the auditorium and sent to the cafeteria or office for the duration of the assembly.
  3. All students will be excused to go to class only at the conclusion of the school song. Procedure for Assembly Participants:
  4. Skits, music, videos, or other elements should be vetted and approved by the advisor in tandem with the school administration. This may include requiring auditions or script approval.
  5. School standards, including dress code, must be followed. Special exceptions may be granted on an individual basis for performances that require special attire. If an exception is requested, the advisor will clear it with school administration prior to approving the performance.
  6. An agenda with an approximate schedule must be submitted to school administration by the advisor at least 5 school days before the assembly.
  7. All audio and video needs must be given to the Drama teacher/stage crew at least 3 school days before the assembly.
  8. The teacher advisor over the assembly should plan to be backstage during the assembly and is responsible to stop anything that becomes inappropriate. The advisor gives the command over the headset to kill the lights and sound immediately.
  9. At the end of an assembly, please ask the student body to stand and sing the school song. Also announce that nobody will leave during the song out of respect for our school.
  10. Assemblies are not to be used for any personal promotions or invitations including school dance invitations. Rather, assemblies are intended to unify all students within the school. Care should be taken to ensure that no student or group of students feels embarrassed or degraded by statements made on stage.

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