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Tobacco Policy - Weber School District

Weber School District strives to ensure a safe learning environment for its students and employees. Weber School District shall be tobacco-free in order to promote the academic, emotional, social, and physical well-being of all students. The policy applies to all school grounds whether or not school is in session. Prohibitions also apply to school functions off school grounds. The policy prohibits possession or use of tobacco by students. The policy prohibits use of tobacco by employees and visitors.

This policy prohibits buying, attempting to buy or possessing electronic cigarettes and/or tobacco, tobacco/nicotine products, or paraphernalia in any form by students on school grounds, property and/or at school activities, whether or not school is in session. This policy also applies to students off-campus if the violation is occurring during school hours. This policy prohibits use of the same by employees and visitors.

UCA § 76-10-102 Advertising Restrictions

UCA § 76-10-101, 102, 104, 104.1, 105 Tobacco laws concerning minors

UCA § 26-38-1-9 Clean Air Act

Enforcement of Tobacco Policy

Student Violations: Buying, attempting to buy or possessing e-cigarettes, juice cigars, cigarettes,or tobacco in any form by a person 18 years old or younger on school grounds or property. (UCA 76-10-105)

  1. Tobacco products and paraphernalia will be confiscated. E-cigarettes and e-liquids, regardless of nicotine content, are considered paraphernalia and are prohibited.
  2. Parent (s) or guardian (s) will be contacted by the school administrator.
  3. Compliance officers (administrators and resource officers) may write a citation if a student buys, attempts to buy, or is in possession of tobacco on school property. Aministration may not write citations off school property, but may take disciplinary action.
  4. Staff members may refer an offender to a school compliance officer, but only compliance officer may issue a citation.
  5. The compliance officer will document the witness information and evidence.
  6. Citations for students under age 18 are written in the “Citation for Possession of Tobacco” booklet.
  7. Citations for 18 year old students are written in the “Notice and Referral for Possession of Tobacco (18 Year Old Students Only)” booklet. Both booklets may be obtained from Weber School District Student Services.
  8. The compliance officer should be prompt in sending citations to the appropriate court.
    1. For students under 18-Second District Juvenile Court (444-26th St. Ogden, Utah 84404.)
    2. For students 18 years old and older- the appropriate city or county attorney (see inside front cover of booklet).
  9. Parent (s) or guardian (s) should receive a copy of the citation.
  10. Students in possession of paraphernalia will be dealt with according to the Safe Schools Policy and/or the Substance Abuse Policy.

Visitor Violations Under Age 19: Use of tobacco products on school property is prohibited.

Refer to steps 1 and 3-8 under "Enforcement of Tobacco Policy, Student Violations."

Visitor Violations Age 19 and Over: Use of tobacco products on school property is prohibited.

  1. Any visitor found using tobacco products or e-cigarettes will be informed of the school's Tobacco Policy and asked by a school official to refrain from using tobacco products while on school property as outlined in Utah Code R392-510-10.
  2. Any visitor who does not comply will be asked to leave.
  3. If a visitor refuses to leave, the police may be called.

Employee Violations

Refer to the Weber School District "Drug Free Workplace Policy"

Advertising of Tobacco Products

Advertising tobacco products is prohibited on school property, at school functions, and in school publications. This includes student clothing that advertises tobacco products. Sponsors of school events may not be used to promote tobacco use.

Sale, Delivery, Transfer or Distribution of Tobacco Products

Neither tobacco in any form nor tobacco paraphernalia may be sold, delivered, transferred or distributed to anyone under the age of 19 on or in Weber School District property or at any school function off school property.

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