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Principal's Corner: It's a great day to be a Silverwolf!

In Australia, there is a foot race from Sydney to Melbourne covering more than 500 miles. In 1983, about 150 world-class athletes had entered the six-day event. These participants are in the prime of their lives, they’ve trained and wear the best race apparel money can buy. As they prepared to start, race officials were startled when a 61-year-old man named Cliff Young, dressed in overalls and galoshes, approached and handed in his entry form. At first, they refused to let him enter. So he explained that he’d grown up on a 2,000-acre farm, with a bunch of sheep and since his family couldn’t afford horses or tractors, his job was to round up the sheep... on foot. Sometimes, he said, it would take two-three days of running. Finally, they let Cliff Young enter, he lined up and as the gun went off, the others quickly left him way behind, as he shuffled along in his galoshes. They raced for days and on the fifth day, race organizers & fans gathered at the finish line to see who would win. And to their absolute astonishment, a man in galoshes, Cliff Young was the first face they saw… he won the race and became a national hero. Afterwards, when asked where he stopped to rest @ night, he responded. “We could stop and rest?” Today, the race is named after Cliff Young. His experience prepared him for that moment, making him stronger. He didn’t win by luck… the dogged preparation, not the showy or the dramatic but unwavering preparation in quiet moments. That is who we are, Fremont. We are determined to keep going and to meet the challenge of doing the most difficult of things. Don’t give up no matter what.
It’s a Great Day to be a Silverwolf!
Dr. Rod Belnap