Attendance Office (801) 452-4001

Consistent attendance is important to a student’s educational success. Parents, we ask that you help in monitoring and encouraging the attendance of your child. If your student is absent, please call the school. Written excuses are not acceptable and will not be accepted. When your student is absent, please call the attendance office between 7:00 a.m. and 3:30 p. m. at 801-452-4001; state your child’s name, grade, reason for absence, date of absence and time involved. Parents must call the attendance office within three days to excuse any absence. Absences not properly excused within the three day time frame will not be allowed make-up work. A 24-hour voice mail line (801-452-4001) is available to parents for the purpose of excusing student absences. Special arrangements needs need to be made in the case of prolonged or prearranged absences. A doctor’s statement must be provided if a student misses four consecutive days of school due to illness; other wise, the missed days will count against attendance credit. Fremont High is a CLOSED CAMPUS –students should not leave campus for lunch or during assemblies.

Attendance Policy

The Weber County School District attendance/citizenship policy will be followed. A summary of important points follows:
Absence: A student will be marked absent from class when not in attendance. Five or more absences in any class during any quarter will result in a loss of .25 unit of attendance credit in each class affected. Allowances may be made for prearranged absences. Students experiencing long-term illness under certain circumstances or absences incurred extenuating circumstances beyond student/family control.
Tardies: A tardy is a late arrival to class. Students tardy five or more times in any class during any quarter will result in a loss of .25 unit of attendance credit in each class affected.
Truancy: A truancy is an unexcused absence without parent or teacher/administrative permission. Unexcused absences become truancies. Hall pass infractions are considered truancies. Leaving school without proper check-out and/or arriving late to school without check-in are considered truancies. Two or more truancies during any quarter will result in a loss of .25 unit of attendance credit in each class affected. Absences not cleared after the 3-day grace period may turn to truancies.

Pre-Arranged Absences

If parents request to have their student excused from school for reasons other than illness or family emergencies, arrangements must be made in advance. Students may pick up and complete a Pre-arranged absence form. This form must be signed by all teachers and returned to the attendance office PRIOR to absences. Pre-arranged absences must be a minimum of three days in duration and will not count against attendance credit.

School Excused Absence

School sponsored activities that require students to be absent from class will be school excused and exempt from the Attendance Credit Policy.

Student Check-In

Students arriving more than 15 minutes late to any class must check at the attendance office. Students arriving less than 15 minutes late to any class should go directly to class.

Student Check-Out

Any time a student needs to leave school before the end of the school day, he/she must check out at the Attendance Office. The school is required by law to have a responsible person approve student check out. Therefore, parents should notify the school prior to check-out.
• Students who leave campus without proper check-out will be marked truant.
• Students who are ill will be checked into the sickroom if parents or other responsible adult cannot be contacted.

Attendance Credit Make-Up

• All attendance credit make-up must be pre-approved by Mr. Dale Pollard, attendance credit make-up administrator.
All attendance credit loss over .75 must be made up for graduation. Printed guidelines for make-up are available through Mr. Pollard.
• Each lost quarter credit (.25) requires 10 hours of community service and a fee of $15.00 for make-up. (No more than $90.00 will be assessed any student during his/her high school career for attendance credit make-up). 
All community service must be pre-approved by Mr. Pollard and meet the following criteria: (Non-approved attendance hours may not be accepted) 
— Work for a nonprofit, community-based organization. 
— Students may not receive pay or any other benefit for hours worked. 
— Students may not work for their employer or a relative. 
— Hours worked must be documented by date and signed by supervisor. 
— All work completed for a teacher or school must be turned in during the quarter the work is completed. 
— Students that have to make-up attendance credit cannot have more than 200 actual hours from one person or organization. 

Attendance Incentive: Clean Quarter. 

This Clean Quarter Attendance Incentive is designed to restore the student’s worst quarter of lost attendance credit. The student needs to have zero attendance credit loss during a quarter (no more than four absences or four tardies in a quarter) to receive the Clean Quarter. 

• The Clean Quarter Incentive doesn’t affect the attendance credit fine. Just community service hours. You are responsible for the fine. 
• If you are a senior this DOES NOT APPLY FOR YOU DURING 4TH QUARTER. 
• Once the clean quarter form has been signed by your administrator it must be turned in to the attendance office. 

Parent Commitment:

An exemplary school is a whole community effort that provides an educational partnership that is committed to student learning and to the phrase, "It takes a community to raise a child".

  1. Fremont community members are committed to taking an active role in student learning by involvement in school and providing educational support at home.
  2. Fremont community members are committed to holding students responsible for their learning as well as providing encouragement for sustained performance.
  3. Fremont community members are committed to working together with the school to provide a safe, orderly, educational environment.
  4. Fremont community members are committed to frequent monitoring of student progress in each individual class and communication with teachers as first-level intervention.
  5. Fremont community members are committed to supporting the school's mission and vision to set goals for achievement at Fremont and post-high school education.