Visual Art Department

  • In art, students will learn to think inside the box, to think outside the box, and to CREATE the box.

Visual Art Department Show Entry Policy
The Fremont Art Department hosts and participates in art shows which represent the very best of Fremont’s Students and showcases their artistic talents and abilities. Students wishing to enter art shows and competitions in conjunction with Fremont High School’s Art Department need to be in good standing with the faculty and department. Students work may be excluded or pulled from show eligibility due to moral issues such as theft, cheating, excessive truancy or attendance issues. Students art work needs to be of their own personal design and creation. Only original work, free of copyright, corporate image, or identity infringement will be allowed for entry or participation. If a students work is found to be crossing into questionable territory, or communicating controversial messages which could put Fremont High or the Art Department in a bad light, the work can be subject to disqualification from exhibition. The Art Department and Faculty reserve the right to determine show worthiness on a case by case basis.

Jon Ballstaedt
Ceramics 1 & 2, AP Art 3D, Sculpture 1 & 2

Jon Ballstaedt is beginning his 9th year in public education. While in the Weber School District, Jon has worked at Roy Jr. High and now at Fremont High. Jon was born and raised in Farmington, Utah. He attended many state schools, Salt Lake Community College for Culinary Arts. Dixie State then Weber State University, Utah State University for his BFA. Jon enjoys helping students learn and develop their creativity skill in Ceramics and Sculpture.

Jon is Married and has three Sons. His wife is also a teacher, in Special Ed. Jon’s family is active in Wrestling, soccer, football, and basketball. They love to spend time hiking and playing together

Instruction: Ceramics and Sculpture
Favorite Movie: Apocalypse Now
Favourite Author: Kahlil Gibran
Why I am a Teacher: I love teaching Art.
Alma Mater: Utah State University, Weber State University, Dixie State, Salt Lake Community College
Hometown: Farmington
Hobbies: Hiking, Mt. Biking, and Camping
Favorite Getaway: Eastern Utah
Favorite Food: Mexican, sushi
Favorite Musician: Pink Floyd
Marykay Hall
Digital Photo, Commercial Photo, Art 1

MaryKay Hall is beginning her 7th year in public education. While in the Weber School District, Marykay has worked as a digital photography, commercial photography, commercial art and foundations of art teacher. MaryKay was born and raised in Plain City, Utah and graduated in 1998 from Fremont High School . She received a Bachelor’s of Fine Art in Photography from Weber State University and a Masters in Secondary Education from Utah State University. MaryKay enjoys the energy and creative inspiration she gets from working with the students and faculty at Fremont High School. MaryKay is married and has a little boy and two dogs. She enjoys being outdoors and spending time with her family.

•Instruction: Digital Photography, Commercial Photography & Foundation Art
• Favorite Movie: The Last of the Mohicans
• Favorite Book: The Awakening by Kate Chopin
• Why I am a Teacher: I love sharing my passion for photography and art with students!
• Hidden Talent: Cake Decorating
• Alma Mater: Weber State University, Utah State University
• Hobbies: Camping, Backpacking, Cooking, Gardening, Photography, Travel
• Favorite Food: Italian (anything pasta!!!)
• Least Favorite Activity: Cleaning My House!!!
Michelle Montierth

Art 2, AP Art Drawing, Painting, Commercial Art, Design/Visual Communication
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I love my job working with teenage art students here at Fremont. We have the best students in the world and I look forward to waking up in the morning and starting each day with a new idea about how to teach these students how to appreciate and create art! Fremont has some truly incredible artists and it is an honor to be their teacher.
I grew up in Utah and went to Roy High and Weber State University for my BA. In the summer of 2008, I completed my Masters of Art in Education degree at the University of Montana in Missoula and I loved getting to know creative artists from all over the United States.
In addition, I consider myself an artist and I love to paint. Especially Oil and Watercolor. I have had my work shown in various statewide shows and local galleries. I serve as the UAEA webmaster/print media specialist and do my best to help advocate for the arts and keeping art in schools. I feel strongly that art is a fundamental part of an education and life in general. Helping students and our community see that is part of my life’s mission.
I have a great family who is very supportive of all the things I try to do. I’m the oldest of nine children so I come from a large amazing family. I have been married for 31 years and I have 4 daughters, one son and four granddaughters and this year my first grandson is on the way!

•  Favorite Movie:  Anything with a good story

•  Why I am a Teacher: Working with great students, helping them love art.

•  Hidden Talent: I make delicious pies and rolls

•  Alma Mater: Weber State University, University of Montana

•  Hobbies: All types of art especially painting, Gardening, Photography, shopping for bargains, snow skiing, hiking, walking outside trails

•  Favorite Food: I love fresh from the garden Squash and Tomatoes!  (And French Fries)

•  Least Favorite Activity: Grading!  I wish I could just give everyone an A:)

Mel Ralph
Industrial Design, Jewelry I & II
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Why I am in Education: While in Grad school pursuing my Studio Artist career, I began to teach art majors courses on a fellowship grant. I found that I loved to teach. That is how it all began, and I continue to teach because I love it. I love seeing students perform and gain understanding of the principles that I teach them. Seeing growth in the student is an intrinsic reward for the work I do.
Favorite TV Program: Big Bang Theory
Favorite Book: Wendell Berry's "Another Turn of the Crank. Actually I like a lot of Wendell Berry's books.
Hidden Talent: Building Anything.
Alma Mater: Ricks College, Art Center, and BYU.
Hometown: Livermore California and Walla Walla Washington.
Hobbies: Hiking, Camping and spending time with my family.
Heroes: My Grandfathers
Best thing about Fremont: The awesome Students. Teachers and Administrator who really care about the students. Great School Colors.
Years in Education: 20
Years at Fremont: 4

Teacher Commitment:

  1. Fremont teachers are committed to being prepared with lessons, activities, projects and assignments that are relevant to the curriculum and will enhance student learning at all levels.
  2. Fremont teachers are committed to frequent monitoring of student progress and communicating progress with students and parents, updating grades regularly.
  3. Fremont teachers are committed to helping students improve in the subjects they teach.
  4. Fremont teachers are committed to holding students responsible for their learning as well as providing encouragement for sustained performance using engagement and best practice.
  5. Fremont teachers are committed to giving their best efforts each day, conducting themselves in a way that contributes to a safe, orderly, and respectful educational environment.
  6. Fremont teachers are committed to supporting school groups and activities.
  7. Fremont teachers are committed to supporting the school's mission and vision to set goals for student achievement at Fremont and to encourage post-high school education.
  8. Fremont teachers are committed to maintaining rigorous educational standards within their classrooms to help students be career and college ready and community contributors.

Student Commitment:

The effectiveness of an exemplary school is based on the achievement and character of its students. Therefore, Fremont students are committed to our school motto: E2 (Expect Excellence)

  1. Fremont students are committed to being prepared physically and mentally to learn each day.
  2. Fremont students are committed to self-motivation and the accepting of responsibility for their learning and decisions.
  3. Fremont students are committed to their best efforts each day and the sustaining of those efforts.
  4. Fremont students are committed to demonstrating respect and encouragement for peers, teachers, school and themselves.
  5. Fremont students are committed to conducting themselves in a way that contributes to a safe, orderly, and respectful educational environment.
  6. Fremont students are committed to supporting school groups and activities.