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Fremont High School Community Council Meeting


October 25, 2017

3:00-4:00 PM

Office Conference Room

  1. Introduction of Board members                              Kori Ann Edwards

Kori Ann Edwards, Shelly Bush, Michele Parry, Shelley Craig, William Hagon,

Dianna Hunt, Colette Laub, Mesia Murphy, Angie Walker, Patrick Andrus,

Larry Hadley, Chad Marriott, Lisa Dalebout, Kim Hatch, Andrea Jones,

Tracy Stokes, Cody Storey

  1. Discussion about Membership (teacher participation) Michele Parry
  2. Overview of School LAND Trust program                            Kori Ann Edwards
  3. Review of FHS Plan and Summary Report                            Michele Parry
  4. School Update                                                              Michele Parry
  5. Discussion on New / Additional Funding Discussion Council
  6. Next meeting November 15, 2017
  7. Close Meeting

FYI:  Fall Statewide Training: Wed., Nov. 1, Farmington Junior High

150 South 200 West, Farmington, Utah 84025

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