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Fremont High School Community Council Meeting


March 1, 2021

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3:00-4:00 PM


  1. Welcome: Andrea Bell

Board Members: Andrea Bell, Chad Marriott, Michele Parry, Sharon Bolos, Rebecca Becker, Nicole Cypers, Charity Davis, Jeremy Evans, Ashlee Harris, Christy Koford, Lacy Richards, Angie Walker, Lisa Dalebout, Tami Meacham, Tracy Stokes, Cody Storey

  1. Review January 13, 2021 Minutes: Tracy Stokes
  2. Council Training Digital Safety: Nick Harris
  3. 2020-21 School LAND Trust Program Updates: Michele Parry
    • Budget Review
    • Program Goals
  4. 2021-22 School LAND Trust Plan: Michele Parry
  5. Other Items of Business: Council
  6. Next meeting April 28, 2021
  7. Close Meeting

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