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Fremont Students and Parents,

As a school, in response to an increase of attendance and academic concerns for our students, we will be implementing an initiative that will benefit all students in our school. Our school is struggling with students who are consistently absent or tardy, which is affecting our teachers ability to effectively run their classrooms. The academic success of our students is the top priority at Fremont and it has been proven that consistent attendance leads to greater academic success. We feel that extracurricular participants are role models in a school and we are asking them to be part of the solution in the overall success at Fremont High School. We are defining extra-curricular participants as students who participate in athletics (both in season and out of season), CTSO competitions and activities, student government office, performing arts performances and activities, National Honor Society, as well as other groups that may later be identified by advisors or administration.

The Utah High School Activities Association (UHSAA) handbook defines academic eligibility for UHSAA sanctioned athletics and activities. We want to mirror this and hold all extracurricular participants to those same standards. Weber School District (WSD) policy 4170 allows coaches and advisors to set specific expectations for participation in those extracurricular events based on attendance requirements. It is with this in mind that Fremont High School will be implementing an eligibility plan.

The UHSAA and Weber School District policies require that a student maintain a minimum GPA of 2.0 with no more than one failing grade to be eligible for extracurricular activities. WSD also has an attendance credit loss (ACL) policy that states students with greater than 0.75 attendance credit loss are also ineligible. This eligibility initiative is proactive instead of punitive, with opportunities for quick remediation.

The academic success of our students is the top priority at Fremont and participating in those extracurricular activities is a privilege that is earned through hard work and effort. When a student agrees to represent Fremont High School as an extracurricular activity participant, they are held to higher standards with regards to absences, tardies and grades. Employers report that the number one skill they seek when hiring high school and college aged students is dependability in both attendance and work ethic. Holding students accountable for their own eligibility in extracurricular activities directly supports Fremont’s Mission Statement “We educate and inspire students to learn at high levels as they prepare for life.” At Fremont, this initiative further helps us prepare our students to be successful in their future career endeavors.

Carefully review the Fremont High School Extracurricular Eligibility Plan that will be implemented to start the third quarter of the 2021-22 school year.

  • All students that will be participating in any extracurricular activity will be placed on a master roster in the WSD Student Information System. This includes in season and out of season participation.
  • Every three weeks, a report will be run that will identify students that have not met the eligibility requirements for attendance and academic performance.
  • Students not meeting the attendance and academic requirements will be placed on a one-week probationary period over the next school week in which they will remediate their attendance and/or academics. Students will be fully eligible to participate & compete during this week.
  • After the probationary period, if the student successfully completes the remediation, they will be fully eligible until the next three week check.
  • If the student does not successfully complete the remediation, they will be ineligible until the next three week check.
    • Students may practice during the ineligibility period if allowed by the coach/advisor (this is at their coach/advisor's discretion), but they will not be allowed to compete or perform
  • After the April 21, 2022 probationary period ends, any senior students who are still ineligible and participating in a program where they may earn graduation cords, will forfeit their ability to have the extracurricular graduation cord.

The eligibility standards for the three week block are per class period:

  • Academics: Students are expected to have a minimum 2.0 GPA and no more than one failing grade at the time of the three week check.
  • Attendance: Students may have no more than one tardy or unexcused absence per
    class during the three week block.

Students on probation will work with their coach/advisor, our attendance secretary, their administrator, and teachers to regain their eligibility. This may include time spent with teachers in the mornings or after school working on their grades for academic remediation, and/or working with custodial staff or other school staff to clean areas around campus for attendance remediation, etc. All final activities to clear probation should be cleared by the coach/advisor or administration.

In order to excuse an absence, in accordance with WSD policy 4170, a parent/guardian must contact our attendance secretary at 801-452-4000, ext 1, and either speak with our secretary directly OR leave a message  PRIOR to the student being absent from class.

Quarter 3 Check Dates:
1/18/2022 - 1/27/2022**
1/28/2022 - 2/17/2022
2/18/2022 - 3/10/2022

Quarter 4 Check Dates:
3/11/2022 - 3/31/2022
4/1/2022 - 4/21/2022
4/22/2022 - 5/12/2022

**First day of 3rd quarter - we will not backdate this policy, it is the only shorter check

View PDF Version of Policy

Kash4Kids 2021

Kash 4 Kids is an event that brings together every student at our school. This is the 27th year of Kash 4 Kids. Many fundraising activities are available for students to participate in during the Holiday Season. Even with all these activities, hard work, or many hours of service, we still need the financial support from companies and people like you.

Kash 4 Kids pays for more than just Christmas for students and families. Kash 4 Kids pays for medical expenses, funeral costs, lunches, etc. for students and families in need in the community. This year has been especially hard for many students at Fremont.

Please use the buttons below to make a donation and purchase tickets for the raffle baskets.

kash4kids donate buttonPurchase kash4kids raffle basket tickets

The Howl Chronicles, Fremont's own literary magazine, is looking for some howling good entries in the forms of: 

  • Short Story - up to 1200 words, nonfiction or fiction
  • Petry
  • Music
  • Comics

Deadline for Literature and Music - December 17th by 3pm

Entrie forms can be found in room B207

Email  with any questions.


  • Jewelry
  • Photography
  • Art Ceramics
  • Digital Art

Deadline for Art categories - December 15th

See art teachers for details and entry forms.


Those chosen for The Howl Chronicles will have their paw print forever engraved in the archives of Fremont's History. Don't let the deadline sneak up and pounce on you!


National PTA Reflections 2021 - 2022 Call for entries! I will change the world by... Learn more and get involved!

Fremont Teachers & Students

We are excited to announce the 2021-22 PTA Reflections Art Contest.

This year's theme is "I Will Change The World By..."

Whether you are attending school in-person or online, this is a great opportunity to show your talent in

  • Dance Choreography
  • Film Production
  • Literature
  • Music Composition
  • Photography
  • Visual Arts (2D & 3D)

Entries must be submitted by Oct 15, 2021

For Rules and Regulation or to Submit your entry, please visit

Questions, please call Trudy Peterson @801-644-5682

scary story logo

Scary Story Contest 2021

Now is the hour to bring your most haunting stories to life! It's time for the FHS Scary Story Contest.

Listen to your ghostly imagination and let the ghouls of creativity fly. But remember after the deadline of 3 P.M. on October 12, 2020, your words will become as silent as the grave.

1st and 2nd place will receive a cash prize.

Requirements for the story:

  • Submit in Google Classroom (get code in room B207)
  • typed, double spaced
  • no longer than FIVE pages
  • your original work
  • language and content should be appropriate for a public school setting.

Haunt room B207 and you will find the entry form. If you have any quesitons, rattle them off to Miss Guiver and she will help you summon the answers.

Dance company auditions 2021. Tues Aug 31, 2021. 2:45pm. Dance Room (F-125), Ms. Foutz. See Fremont's Dance Company webpage for more info

Wear form-fitting exercise clothing (within school dress code) and come prepared to learn, perform, and improvise contemporary and hip hop routines.

Sign-ups will start at 2:45pm and the audition will begin at 3:00pm.

Govering Youth Council

Weber Morgan Health Department

The Utah Governing Youth Council (GYC) is a statewide networking youth group which plans and coordinates activities to promote positive youth lifestyles, bring recognition to the problems today’s youth are facing, and help to facilitate solutions and change.


  • Reduce the use of substances among youth.
  • Promote healthy living among teens through policy and environmental change.
  • Create communities that support and reinforce healthy social norms.
  • Bring about positive social change in cooperation with school, local and state leaders.
  • Increase the number of youth involved in policy development.
  • Increase protective factors, including the ability to make healthy decisions.

 For more information visit the GYC website

Apply Today!

Fremont High School Sophomore Smart Start

Sophomore Smart Start 2021

Find your classes

Meet other students

Learn how to get involved ... Solverwolf style

Schedule look confusing? We can help.

Questions about rules or policies? We have answers.

Come and meet your Counselor, SBO's, Administration.

And more ...


Who: Fremont High School class of 2024!

When: Wednesday Austust 18th, 10am - 12pm

Where: Fremont High Commons & Auditorium


We can't wait to meet you! Spread the word and we will see you soon.

Bell Schedule - First Week of School 2021

Early Out Schedule 2021-2022
Time (1st lunch)PeriodTime (2nd lunch)
7:15 - 7:55 Professional Development 7:15 - 7:55
8:00 - 8:49 1st/5th Period 8:00 - 8:49
8:54 - 8;59 Announcements 8:54 - 8;59
8:59 - 9:48 2nd/6th Period 8:59 - 9:48
9:48 - 10:28 1st Lunch | 3rd/7th period 9:53 - 10:42
10:33 - 11:22 3rd/7th period | 2nd Lunch 10:42 - 11:22
11:27 - 12:15 4th/8th period 11:27 - 12:15

Use the following link to view a PDF version of each of the schedule.

Early Out Schedule

Open House

Wednesday, July 28th 2021

9:00-11:00am & 6:00-7:30pm

OTECH Campus

Construction Tech Building


Want to learn more about YoutBuild?

Visit or

Call 801-395-3731


View PDF Announcement

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