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English Department

Students will expand their critical thinking skills while developing literacy and communication. This will be done through the use of differing perspectives and points of view, and understanding people of diverse backgrounds, in order to prepare them for the post-high school experience.

Bradley Checketts
Bradley Checketts - B225
Kay Guiver
Kay Guiver - B207
Holly Hubner
Holly Hubner - B201
Wendi Jorgensen
Wendi Jorgensen - B211
Bryn Mathews
Bryn Mathews - B214
Heidi Marriott
Heidi Marriott - B216
Michelle Meadors
Michelle Meadors - B202
David Mildon
David Mildon - B223
Jill Schofield
Jill Schofield - B200
Kamille Steed
Kamille Steed - B218
Trish Swanson
Trish Swanson - B213

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