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Social Studies Department

  • We instill respect for difference
  • We construct informed students
  • We cause a spark to carry out social involvement
Ross Arnold
Ross Arnold - B217
Garrett Clark
Garrett Clark - B222
Lisa Dalebout
Lisa Dalebout - B100
Heath Madsen
Heath Madsen - B218
Libby Monson
Libby Monson - B215
Duren Montgomery
Duren Montgomery - B220
Gabriel Parra
Gabriel Parra - B210
Tiffany Shulz
Tiffany Shulz - B216
Tracy Stokes
Tracy Stokes - B221
Danny Thomas
Danny Thomas - B208
Dave Creager
Dave Creager - B212
Chris Hancock
Chris Hancock - C105
Patrick Murphy
Patrick Murphy - C106

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