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Club Policies

Fremont High School Clubs and Groups Policy

The schools may encourage students to broaden their knowledge and citizenship by permitting the formation of clubs and groups organized to promote or pursue specialized activities outside the classroom. The purpose of this policy is to provide guidance to schools regarding authorization of clubs and groups as outlined in state law and Utah State Board of Education Administrative Rules.


 Clubs Groups
  • Directly related to the curriculum
  • Not directly related to the curriculum
  • Sponsored and promoted by the school
  • Not sponsored by the school or the District
  • Appointed advisor who will support the CLUB and may participate in, as well as direct CLUB programs and activities.
  • A certified employee monitors all meetings held on school premises but does not participate in any activity or discussion of the GROUP
  • 2.0 GPA Requirement (Separate requirements for Honors Clubs)
  • No more than .75 attendance loss
  • No more than one F
  • No GPA requirement
  • No attendance requirements
  • No grade requirement
  • Recognized for services directly related to the curriculum offered at Fremont High School
  • Recognized for purposes of granting a place within the particular school to meet during noninstructional time
  • Permitted to participate in assemblies and announcements
  • Included in yearbook
  • Not permitted to participate in assemblies or announcements
  • Not included in yearbook


Site Level Meetings

  1. Meetings of GROUPS shall take place during non-instructional time.
  2. The principal or designee may determine which school facilities may be used and when they are available.
  3. Only authorized GROUPS attending Fremont may request to use rooms or schedule GROUP meetings.
  4. Each school shall determine what access all GROUPS will be given to the school newspaper, school year book, bulletin boards, and public address system; provided that all such GROUPS shall be given equal access.
  5. No GROUPS shall be permitted to engage in or conduct group therapy, counseling or other psychological services of the type provided by licensed professionals.

Club or Group Charter

  • Students or school staff seeking authorization to establish a CLUB or GROUP shall prepare an annual charter identifying whether the CLUB or GROUP is a School Curricular CLUB or a Student Non-curricular GROUP. (Club/Group Name, relationship or connection to curriculum if applicable, purpose, goals, activities, budget information, fees, proposed meeting times, dates, places;, etc…)
  • Advisors/Monitors are required to submit disclosure statements to administration and students who are involved. (Club/Group Name, relationship or connection to curriculum if applicable, purpose, goals, activities, budget information, fees, proposed meeting times, dates, places; grade requirements, expectations; etc…)

Limitations and Denial

  1. Limitation shall include prohibitions against:
    1. action or advocacy of imminent action which violates the law or administrative rules; this prohibition shall not apply to appropriate discussions concerning the changing of laws or rules, or actions taken through appropriate channels or procedures to effectuate such changes;
    2. advocacy or approval of sexual activity outside of marriage, or presentations in violations of laws or regulations governing sex education or privacy rights of families or individuals;
    3. action or advocacy of imminent action involving the harassment or the denigration of any person; and
    4. action or advocacy of imminent action with the intent to cause a person to fear, to freely exercise, or enjoy any right secured by the Constitution or laws of the United States or the state of Utah. 4540
  2. A school may limit or deny a charter to a CLUB or GROUP if necessary to:
    1. protect the physical, emotional, psychological, or moral well-being of students and faculty;
    2. maintain order and discipline on school premises; or
    3. prevent a material and substantial interference with the orderly conduct of a school’s educational activities.
  3. A school shall deny access to any student CLUB or GROUP whose program or activities would materially or substantially:
    1. encourage criminal or delinquent conduct;
    2. promote bigotry; or
    3. involve human sexuality.
  4. Approval of a CLUB or GROUP name may take place separately from that relating to the approval of the CLUB or GROUP itself. A CLUB or GROUP name shall:
    1. reasonably reflect the nature, purposes and activities of the CLUB or GROUP; and
    2. be such that it would not result in undue disruption of school operations, subject students to harassment or persecution, imply that the CLUB or GROUP would operate in violation of law or rule, or imply inappropriate association with outside organizations or groups.


Selection and appointment of CLUB advisors and GROUP monitors shall be the responsibility of the school principal and will be done annually. Persons who are not part of the school shall not be allowed access to CLUBS or GROUPS to direct, conduct, control, or regularly attend CLUB or GROUP meetings without prior approval of the principal. The advisor or monitor shall ensure compliance with the approved CLUB or GROUP charter and applicable laws and rules. The principal or designee may cancel the authorization for any CLUB or GROUP found to be operating out of compliance of the approved charter or laws and rules.

Parental Permission for Participation

As a candidate for participation in a CLUB or GROUP that meets on school premises, Weber School District will require every student to obtain written permission from either a parent with legal custody or other legal guardian.

Investigation of Violations

The principal will investigate any allegation that a CLUB or GROUP is not following the guidelines as described in this policy and in its charter. If the principal finds the CLUB or GROUP to be in violation, the following actions may be taken:

  1. allow the original statement of purpose, goals, and activities be modified to include the activity in question;
  2. instruct the faculty advisor or the certified employee monitor not to allow similar violations in the future;
  3. limit or suspend the CLUB’S or GROUP’S authorization or school building use; or
  4. terminate the CLUB’S or GROUP’S authorization and dissolve the CLUB or GROUP. The CLUB or GROUP would not be allowed to reapply until the next school year.

Appeal Process

The principal will approve, deny, or investigate each completed application or complaint in a reasonable amount of time. If the application or complaint is denied, written reasons for the denial or the results of the investigation will be stated. If appropriate, suggested corrections shall be made to remedy the situation.

Student Meetings

Class Meetings

All designated advisors shall be present at meetings and functions unless excused by the principal for good reason.

Night Meetings

Night meetings of school groups shall be held only on school property under the direction and control of the advisor of the organization concerned and only after proper arrangements have been made with the school's administrative authorities and custodial staff. School sponsored activities should take place only on school property and any exceptions to this must be approved by the principal.