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Club Policies

Fremont High School Clubs and Groups Policy The schools may encourage students to broaden their knowledge and citizenship by permitting the formation of clubs and groups organized to promote or pursue specialized activities outside the classroom. The purpose of this policy is to provide guidance to schools regarding authorization of clubs and groups as outlined in state law and Utah State Board of Education Administrative Rules. Definitions  Clubs Groups Directly related to the curriculum Not directly related to the curriculum Sponsored and promoted...

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Organize a club

Fremont High School Process for Organization of Clubs and Groups Fremont High School has both clubs and groups for student activities. Clubs are organizations directly related to the school curriculum, whereas groups are not directly related to the curriculum. Any students of Fremont High School desiring to organize a CLUB or GROUP for a specific purpose of activity MUST meet all of the policy requirements for Student Organizations found under the Weber School District Policy 4540. The purposed organization must have a Club/Group Application approved by the Administrator over clubs and groups,...

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