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Drivers Ed.


**Click here for all registration paperwork**

Students may enroll in driver education at Fremont High as soon as they turn fifteen years old and have obtained a driving permit. The law requires students to hold a permit for at least six months prior to receiving a license. It is the discretion of the parents when the student should enroll in the course

To enroll, pick up a driver education packet in the office. Sign all forms and check the box indicating the month and time you want to take the class. Attach a photocopy of your driving permit to the paperwork. Turn the paperwork in to the bookkeeper and pay the $160 registration fee. All classes will begin in a driver's ed teacher's classroom. We cap out at 50 students per month (2 classes of 25 students). Register early to reserve the month you wish to attend.

  • Afternoon classes run for three weeks (14 Total Days): Mon-Fri. 2:35PM-4:30PM
  • Morning classes run for four weeks (18 Total Days): Mon-Fri. 6AM-7:30AM
  • Summer classes run for two weeks (8 Total Days): Mon-Thurs. 7AM-10AM or 5PM-8PM

Use the button at the top of the page to see a list of all available dates.


Welcome to Fremont High Driver Education

Our goal is to help you obtain a Utah Driver License under the guidelines of the Graduated Driver License (GDL) program adopted in 2005. Graduated Driver License (GDL) is a group of laws allowing beginning drivers to build driving experience before they are exposed to higher risk roadway situations. You must complete the following requirements

  1. Learner Permit: If you are 15 years old, you may apply for a learner permit. This permit will be issued at the DLD (Driver License Division) when you have successfully passed the written, eye, physical and mental fitness tests. The permit is valid for 18 months from the date of issue. All students registering for drivers education at Fremont High (theory class, behind the wheel, which also includes the 6-hour range experience and the 6-hour s on the road with an instructor, and a driving test), must have obtained a valid learner permit from the Driver License Division. Students will register by turning in the signed registration packet, $160 registration fee and an attached photocopy of the learner permit. To study for the permit test, obtain a Utah Driver Handbook from the DLD or online at . The permit test will include:
    • Road Signs—You may be shown several common road signs and asked to tell what they mean.
    • Written Questions—You will be asked 50 questions based upon the information in the handbook.
  2. Drivers Education: A prospective driver must complete an approved driver education course. The course has three components: a 27-hour state mandated theory class, behind the wheel, and a Skills Test.
    • Theory classes are offered in the mornings and afternoons. The morning class is held every other month to accommodate those who have activities in the afternoon. The morning classes begin at 6:00 a.m. and run until 7:30 a.m. The afternoon classes are held each month and begin at 2:45 p.m. and run until 4:30p.m.  Students are required to attend 14 straight days of instruction (18 days for the morning class) and attend the mandatory parent-teen meeting with Zero Fatalities. There is one make-up class offered at the end of instruction for those who have missed one day. If a student misses more than one day, they will be required to re-take the entire class the next month. Rules of conduct are the same for theory class as they are for Fremont High.
    • Behind the Wheel: The state requires 12 hours for a prospective driver to be behind the wheel with a certified instructor. This includes range and driving with an instructor using certified vehicles. This is broken into two categories, Range and Road:
    • Range times are scheduled following a successful completion of the theory class. Range will constitute 6 of the mandatory 12 hours of behind the wheel driving. On the range students will learn and practice driving skills. (i.e.; lane changes, up and down hill parking, backing skills, 45-degree, 90-degree and parallel parking, U-turns, three-point turns, stops, yields and turning skills). During this instruction there will be six to eight students practicing driving skills at the same time. This can be a safety issue if students have no driving experience. We would expect all students to have a minimum of 20 hours of driving experience prior to driving on the range. A VALID permit is required to drive on the range.
    • Practice Drive: When eligible, the student will be scheduled from a certified instructor for a six hour road PRACTICE DRIVE. The state of Utah has mandated that this drive is done in 5 locations: City, Freeway, Canyon, Residential, and Highways. Students are required to spend six hours total with the examiner. Half of the time will be observing other students and the other half will be driving. This time is broken into two or three days which will complete the 12 total hours of behind the wheel time. It is expected that the prospective driver should have met the minimum of 40 hours the state has mandated as part of their GDL laws. They must also have a VALID permit to drive during this time.


  3. Skills/Road Test: Following Behind the Wheel, a 30 minute Skills/Road test will be administered by a Different instructor than the one the student practiced with. The examiner will require that the student demonstrate adequate driving ability, adherence to road rules, regulations, driving techniques and safe practices observed and tested. Students will also be asked to perform a number of skills (the skills practiced on the range). If a student fails the test, they will be expected to practice before taking another scheduled test. If a student passes, the information will be entered into the state computer system and the student can then obtain a driver license from the DLD if all other requirements are met.
    • Students who do not complete the course before they graduate from Fremont High School will need to complete with an outside drivers education program.
    • We will not accept a Senior after March of their senior year into the drivers education program. This is due to not having adequate time to complete the course by the Graduation of their senior year. All seniors are required to complete the entire course (from theory to test) before Graduation.
    • Students have 1 year to complete the program or they must repeat the program and repay. (one year from the time of theory to obtaining their license)
    • Fremont High Driver education program reserves the right to refuse service to students who are disruptive, uncooperative or may present a danger to others.
    • Students who do not complete the requirements for the driver education course will be on hold until they do. Students who successfully complete the theory and range course will be given a target driving date to take their road test. In addition to the completion of the course a student must be 16 years of age and must have had a driving permit for 6 months. The latter of the two dates will be the target date. The student's records will be held on file until nearing the target date. An examiner will contact a student a week or two prior to the target date to set up a road test. Most students complete the road test prior to the target date. There have been some isolated instances when the workload was grater than our ability to keep up.


Fremont High School Drug and Alcohol Disclosure Statement

The Utah State Legislature has passed a law (1989) to the following effect:

“Upon conviction of a drug or alcohol offense, the length of suspension of the juvenile’s driver license is for six months or until age 17, WHICHEVER IS LONGER.  Upon a second conviction, the length of the suspension is for one year or until age 18, WHICHEVER IS LONGER.  For a juvenile not yet licensed, the suspension is applied from the time the juvenile would otherwise have been eligible to receive his or her license (age 16).

A drug offense includes possession, use, or distribution (giving away or selling) of any controlled substances; or any drug paraphernalia, or imitation controlled substance (represented to be a controlled substance).  It also includes VISITING or being knowingly and intentionally PRESENT where controlled substances, imitation controlled substances, or drug paraphernalia are being used or possessed.

An alcohol offense includes the purchase, possession, or consumption of any alcoholic beverage product (including beer or wine coolers).  It also includes misrepresentation of age, for the purpose of purchasing or obtaining alcohol for a minor.