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Community Council Agenda - 2022 Nov 16

Fremont High School
Community Council Meeting

November 16, 2022
3:00-4:00 PM

1. Welcome Ashlee Harris

Board Members: Chad Marriott, Alicia Mitchell, Colette Erickson, Nicole Cypers, Charity Davis, Ashlee
Harris, Christy Koford, Lacy Richards, Sheila Taylor, Adrienne Gray, Nate Hadley, Angie Walker, Cole Price,
Tami Meacham, Rob Riley, Haylee Hoch
2. Review Minutes Colette Erickson
3. Counselor Report Tami Meachum
4. 2022-23 Trustland Plan Alicia Mitchell
5. Library/Media Center Presentation Gena Lott
6. Boundary Committee Update Alicia Mitchell
7. Other Items of Business Ashlee Harris
8. Close Meeting- Next meeting Jan. 18th Ashlee Harris