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Community Council Minutes - 2022 March 9

Fremont High School 

Community Council Meeting 


March 9, 2022 

3:00-4:00 PM 

In person & Virtual 

1. Attendance: Andrea Bell, Chad Marriott, Alicia Mitchell, Colette Erickson, Nicole Cypers, Charity Davis, Ashlee Harris, Christy Koford, Angie Walker, Tami Meacham, Tracy Stokes

2. Review Minutes: Motion to approve, Tami Meacham 2nd Christy Koford

3. Counselor Report Tami Meacham

  • Career Fair Apr. 20th- community businesses welcome
  • Hope Week April 18th- outside carnival, 
  • Keynote speaker Tall Cop Says Stop- CTC & Rob Eastman

 4. Review/Approve 2022-2023 Landtrust Plan Alicia Mitchell

  • Covid  changed plan for next year funding
  • Discussed if should be 1% or 2% growth in goal #2
  • Focus of getting students back on track for graduation
  • In Person summer school program for credit recovery
  • Need all members to email approval of plan

5.. Close Meeting- Motion to close, Tami Meacham, Nicole Cypers