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Community Council Minutes - 2022 April 20

Fremont High School

Community Council Minutes

April 20, 2022 3:00-4:00 PM 

In person & Virtual 


  1. Welcome Andrea Bell 
    • Board Members: Andrea Bell, Chad Marriott, Alicia Mitchell, Colette Erickson, Nicole Cypers, Charity Davis, Ashlee Harris, Christy Koford,, Angie Walker, Tami Meacham, Tracy Stokes
  2. Review Minutes Tracy Stokes
    • Approved Collette Erickson/ Ashlee Harris
  3. Counselor Report Tami Meacham
    • Hope night- well attended, resource sharing
    • Career day- 32 companies, students needed a little push to actually talk to people
  4. Digital Citizenship Tech Department 
    • Mr. James gave a presentation on how students are protected in WSD
  5. Summer School Plan Alicia Mitchell 
    • Learned last summer that we needed to change how we do things, this year will be face to face and teacher driven instead of online
    • Weekly sessions available for students
  6. Professional Development/ESSER funds Alicia Mitchell 
    • Most teachers earned PD bonus money 
    • Leftover money will be used for buyouts next year
  7. Other Items of Business Council 
    • None
  8. Next Meeting May? Andrea Bell 
    • Not needed
  9. Close Meeting Andrea Bell
    • Ashlee Harris, Colette Erickson