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Community Council Minutes - 2022 October 19

Fremont High School

Community Council Meeting


October 19, 2022


In person

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1.  Welcome Alicia Mitchell (and welcome to new board members)


  • Board Members in attendance:  Alicia Mitchell, Chad Marriott, Ashlee Harris, Christy Koford, Sheila Taylor, Adrienne Gray, Nate Hadley, Angie Walker, Haylee Hoch, Tami Meacham and Colette Erickson
  • Ashlee Harris was voted as the new Council Chair
    • Angie Walker motioned
    • Christy Koford 2nd
  • Colette Erickson was appointed Secretary
    • Adrienne Gray motioned
    • Angie Walker 2nd


2.  Review minutes by Colette Erickson

  • Motion to approve by Adrienne Gray, second by Angie Walker, all in favor


3. Counselor Report by Tami Meacham & Chad Marriott

  • Students will be taking the youscience in November that measures interests and goes into more aptitudes.  We’ll be able to target kids and help them find direction in their class choices and introduce them to things they may have an aptitude for, but don’t know about.


4.  2022-23 TSSA Plan reviewed by Alicia Mitchell


5.  2022-23 ESSER funds review by Alicia Mitchell


6.  Accreditation reviewed results by Alicia Mitchell

  • Fremont is able to toggle between sustainability/Improve and Impact ratings
  • Working on Social, Emotional, Behavioral - Academic - Behavior for success


7. New School’s Boundary in November by Alicia Mitchell

  • Encouraged all board members, parents, PTSA, and other parent groups to be positive about boundary studies for the new high school.  Try to help mitigate the rumor mill.  Ask questions and if we don’t have an answer it means there isn’t one yet.  Support our faculty and staff as we begin this difficult process.  


8. Other Items of Business n/a


9. Close Meeting - Next meeting Nov 16th at 3pm

  • Ashley Harris motion to approve, Adrienne Gray second