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Community Council Minutes - 2023 Jan 18

Fremont Community Council 
Meeting Minutes
January 18, 2023
Board Members in attendance: Ashlee Harris, Alicia Mitchell, Colette Erickson, Christy Koford, Sheila Taylor, Adrienne Gray, Nate Hadley, Cole Price, Tami Meacham, Rob Riley, Haylee Hoch
1. Welcome - Ashlee Harris
2. Review Minutes - Colette Erickson/Alicia Mitchell
    Motion to approve: Colette Erickson, 2nd Adrienne Gray
3. Counselor Report - Tami Meacham
    getting all students registered for next school year, hosting jr. high tours
    On 1/16 we have 79 test taken for credit recovery
4. Data Report - 1st Semester - Alicia Mitchell
5. Digital Literacy Presentation - Ryan James/Blake Pope
    Parents can flag inappropriate sites so it gets blocked for all - a community "watch"
    Good book for parent helps: Digital for Good Book
    Website parent helps: Googles Be internet awesome
6. Boundary Committee Update - Rob Riley
7. Other Items of Business - n/a
8. Close Meeting - Ashlee Harris
    Motioned to close - Adrienne Gray, 2nd Sheila Taylor