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Community Council Minutes - 2023 Mar 8

Fremont Community Council
Meeting Minutes
March 8, 2023
Board Members in attendance: Alicia Mitchell, Colette Erickson, Chad Marriot, Christy Koford, Sheila Taylor, Adrienne Gray, Nate Hadley, Tami Maecham, and Rob Riley.
1. Welcome - Colette Erickson
2. Review Minutes - Colette Erickson
    motion to approve Colette Erickson, 2nd Adrienne Gray
3. Counselor Report - Tami Meacham
    Registration is done - including Jr. high (800 incoming sophomore students)
    Casey Roche presented information on upcoming SHARP survey (Student Health Risk Prevention)
    This is a prevention survey that students can opt in and out of.  The survey helps the counselors know what to do, how to spend funds (like          Resource officers), educating teachers, and includes anti social behavior indicators. Counselors would like has many students to take the     survey as possible.
    Hope Night/Carnival April 24th with Sara Fray (cheerleader from Clearfield)
    Career Fairs April 26th during lunches
4. Social Health Assembly - Alicia Mitchell 
    March 16th.  David Kozlowski teaching kids on social health.  David is a teacher at Herriman High.  Parents can listen     to his podcast.  He will     be bringing multiple college football players with him. The assembly will take place twice during school to accommodate all students.
5. 2023-24 Trustland Plan - Alicia Mitchell
    Reviewed Next Years Trustland Plan
6. Boundary Committee Update - Alicia Mitchell
    Turned in to district final revisions for boundaries.  Gave 2 options.  Committee was represented with all areas of the Fremont community.      While there were differing opinions, they always came to a conclusion that was best for everyone.  
7. Other Items of Business - Colette Erickson
    Rob Riley reported on the District Science Fair.  Had 151 students participate.  5 students move on to International Competition in Texas in     May.  Great success and great opportunities for those advancing.  
8. Close Meeting - Next Meeting May 3rd - Colette
    Motion to close Adrienne Gray, 2nd Chad Marriot