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Community Council Minutes - 2023 May 3

Fremont High School
Community Council Meeting
May 3, 2023

Attendees: Alicia Mitchell, Ashlee Harris, Colette Erickson, Chad Marriott, Nicole Cypers, Christy Kiford, Sheila Taylor, Adrienne Gray, Nate Hadley, Cole Price, Tami Meacham, Rob Riley, Haylee Hoch

1. Welcome - Ashlee Harris

2. Review Minutes - Colette Erickson

  • Motion to approve minutes Colette Erickson, 2nd Adrienne Gray

3. Counselor Report - Tami Meacham

  • Hope Night was a great success!  There was lots of mental health support.  We had 400+ attendees.  
  • The job fair during school hours was also a success.
  • Rolled out the calm app for teachers and staff.  We purchased 150 licenses with Esser funds.
  • Counselors are preparing for graduation.

4. Weber School District Updates (School Board and Administration) - Alicia Mitchell

  • We have a new representative: Kelly Larson and existing representative: Paul Widdison
  • Quincey Mogolich will be moving to RMJH as principal, Skylar Kendall moving as well
  • Hale Raymond and Karry Fredrickson will be coming to Fremont’s administration.

5. 2023-2024 Trustland Plan - submitted to State - Alicia Mitchell

6. Boundary Committee Update - Alicia Mitchell

  • Open houses were held, now the district is collecting feedback from the community.  The feedback forms will be looked at and considered with the committee again.  
  • It will be September before the boundaries are set.

7. Other Items of Business - Ashlee Harris

  • CT event happening May 4th 4-7pm
  • PTSA would love volunteers for the graduation party
  • It is better if students to purchase graduation party tickets in advance. 

8. Discussion and Election of 2023-2024 Council Members - Ashlee Harris

  • Both Ashlee Harris and Colette Erickson agreed to continue with a second year in their term as serving as Council Chair and Secretary.
  • Sheila Taylor will be done serving and 3 others will be done (Charity Davis, Angie Walker, Lacy Richards) 
  • Alicia will post for any parents/community members who would be interested in filling open spots.

9. Close Meeting: Ashlee Harris

  • Motion to close meeting: Ashlee Harris, 2nd Adrienne Gray