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Community Council Minutes - 2023 Oct 4

Fremont High School - Community Council Meeting

Oct 4, 2023


Attendees: Alicia Mitchell, Ashlee Harris, Colette Erickson, Chad Marriott, Sheila Taylor, Adrienne Gray, Nate Hadley, Cole Price, Tami Meacham, Rob Riley, Kristen Neeley, Tami McBride, Hal Raymond

  1. Welcome – Ashlee Harris
    1. Introductions and welcomed new board members
  2. Review Minutes – Colette Erickson
    1. Motion to approve minutes Colette Erickson, 2nd Adrienne Gray
  3. Counselor Report – Tami Meachum
    1. Parent Teacher Conference Night a success. Had 50 people attend and colleges involved
    2. Unity Day Oct. 18th
    3. UCAW Nov. 6-10th colleges come to help seniors apply
  4. 2023-2024 Trustlands Plan – Alicia Mitchell
    1. Reviewed goals, plans and spending for trustlands
    2. 96% graduation rate from 2023 – Fremont highest school percentage
  5. New School’s Boundary/2nd Reading – Alicia Mitchell
    1. School Board to vote on 2nd reading tonight
    2. Reviewed boundaries for high schools, jr highs, and elementaries
    3. Discussed impact in numbers and faculty for Fremont
  6. Other Items of Business – Colette Erickson (none)
  7. Close Meeting – Next meeting Nov 8th
    1. Motion to close meeting Colette Erickson, 2nd Sheila Taylor