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Community Council Minutes - 2023 November 8

Fremont High School - Community Council Meeting Minutes

November 8, 2023 : 3-4pm

Those in attendance: Alicia Mitchell, Colette Erickson, Chad Marriott, Christy Koford, Nate Hadley, Cole Price, Kristen Neeley, Tami McBride, Brenda Hurd, and Beth Johnson

  1. Welcome - Colette Erickson
  2. Review Minutes – Kristen Neeley
    1. Motion to approve minutes Colette Erickson, 2nd Kristen Neely
  3. Counselor Report – Beth Johnson
    1. College visits this week. Students signed up in their English classes. Students can go through the application onsite with the college. During this week student applications fees are waived for all the visiting colleges.
    2. Jessica Jensen is our college advisor.
  4. YouScience Presentation - Brenda Hurd
    1. Reviewed YouScience website - 9 aptitude tests the kids take. Test is given in Jr. High, but more in-depth test and results are given to sophomores.
    2. The website includes colleges (in area and by search), jobs in area, aptitudes and interests combined, building a resume, career path suggestions, and more.
    3. All website resources are available to students for free.
  5. 2023-2024 TSSA – Alicia Mitchell
    1. Reviewed goals, plans and spending for with TSSA funds.
  6. Boundary/West Field Update - Alicia Mitchell
    1. Email for Declaration went out 10/6, following a text message alert for all those in affected boundaries to go to PowerSchool to declare where students intend to attend next school year.
  7. Other Items of Business – Colette Erickson (none)
  8. Close Meeting – Next meeting January 10th
    1. Motion to close meeting Colette Erickson, 2nd Kristen Neeley